Our School

Principal’s Welcome

Welcome to Ss Peter and Paul’s Catholic Primay School. We are a Catholic school supporting the families of the Ss Peter and Paul’s Parish and local families from the East Doncaster area. We are nestled in quiet streets off the Eastern freeway, near Doncaster and Wetherby Roads.

Ours is an environment where students and teachers learn together to achieve their best and to be the best person that they can be.

We strive to model Jesus in all our interactions – acceptance, fairness, welcoming and being true to ourselves.  Working in partnership with our with families is of high importance to us. We recognise the significant impact that the home/school partnership has on student learning and wellbeing.
We invite you to visit our school in action. Come and experience the rigorous learning environment, strong wellbeing focus, extra curricular program and the many varied learning spaces that we offer.
Everyone is welcome!

Ss Peter & Paul’s Parish Primary School is situated away from main roads in Doncaster East. We are approximately 20 km east of the City of Melbourne. The school shares the site with Ss Peter & Paul’s Parish Church and Community Centre.

Ss Peter and Paul’s School is situated in a quiet residential area. In 2018 the school has 140 students with the class structure being:

One class for Prep students, one class of Year 1, one class of Year 2, one class of Year 3, one class of Year 4 and two classes of Years 5/6.

Ss Peter & Paul’s School community is culturally diverse. Although the majority of our students were born in Australia and English, as the common language, is the language heard in the playground, the cultural background of the students and their families is diverse and brings a richness to our community. Students and parents have been born in 35 countries and this diversity is celebrated.

Our students enjoy the use of eighteen different indoor learning areas including:

  • Computer Laboratory
  • Library & Resource Centre
  • Visual Arts Rooms
  • Performing Arts Rooms

Our junior classes all have their own home-yards, which are utilised as outdoor learning areas. Classrooms are conducive to contemporary learning as they are light and spacious with folding walls. Classrooms have glass panels rather than solid walls to hallways which reinforces the open attitude to learning and community. All classrooms are air-conditioned and equipped with computers and interactive whiteboards.

A large grassed area, designated basketball and netball courts and an adventure playground encourage active play by the students during outdoor times. We offer Passive Play in the courtyard at lunchtimes so that children can enjoy a quieter option for play with the large chess set, drawing materials, dress ups etc. A covered sandpit, a gazebo and parts of the play equipment offer opportunities for creative and imaginative play. The frog bog is open to students throughout the week so that the children can watch the seasons evolve and delight in the tadpoles turn into frogs!

Water tanks supply irrigation for the grass area and the vegetable garden and are the water supply for student toilets, reinforcing the school’s commitment to sustainability education.

Features of Ss Peter & Paul’s

Students experience being part of a community where they see their teachers working as part of a collaborative team, where parents and school communicate openly and support each other
Use of current technology to develop skills and engagement in learning

  • Religious education and spirituality including morning prayer and meditation
  • High quality Before and After School and Holiday Program with close links to and managed by the school
  • Specialist teachers for Performing and Visual Arts, ballroom dancing, school concert, keyboard and guitar tuition, school choir
  • Thinking and problem solving skills
  • Public speaking and leadership  opportunities
  • Sustainability and environmental education
  • Social – emotional skills development.  Social Emotional Learning and Bounce Back
  • Values education – whole school focus through Values for Life in light of Gospel values
  • Buddy program – junior students have a buddy from Year 5 and 6.
  • Swimming and interschool sports, Bike Ed
  • Specialist PE teacher
  • Restorative Practices – help students learn from their mistakes and reconcile and resolve problems with others.
  • Camps
  • Language other than English (LOTE) – Italian
  • Mindful meditation
  • Computer lab and multi-platform in class IT resources
  • Literacy learning support including English as an Additional Language support
  • Assessment for learning, of learning and as learning