The use of technology is a major part of modern education. At Ss Peter & Paul’s all classrooms have a projector which transforms a standard whiteboard into an interactive whiteboard, to enable the use of specific software or websites as part of class or small group teaching. Each classroom for years P – 4 have desktop computers, an iPad and laptop and access to sets of mini laptops, iPads and Chrome books. In addition the Year 5 & 6 classes have 10 Chrome books each.  The computer lab of 30 desktop computers, including some touch screens, is timetabled for use by all classes for students to complete work with their classroom teachers or with specialist teachers particularly for Italian. IPads are regularly used during performing arts.

All computers have access to the school’s server and internet access through Catholic Education Office external servers which provide high security and filters.  In 2015 email accounts migrated to Gmail via the Catholic Education platform giving students and staff access to Google docs and the full complement of Google products (GAFE) This enables students to access their work from home. Students, commencing in Beginners, learn to save their work in their own folder on the server so they can access it from any computer in the school. Students also have access to class blogs, managed by their teachers, for sharing school work. Digital photography and recording is used regularly by students.