Student Wellbeing

Ss Peter & Paul’s School aims to provide an environment that enables every student to feel happy, safe, engaged and accepted at school.

Student Wellbeing lays the foundation and underpins the manner in which Ss Peter & Paul’s School staff, students and parents relate to each other. We see wellbeing as a core priority and our energies are directed toward ensuring positive experiences at school for our students. We receive funding from the Federal Government under the National School Chaplaincy Student Welfare Program to support the wellbeing of our students. 

Our overarching goal is to create an environment that enables every student to feel happy, safe, engaged and accepted at school.

Our school is committed to engaging in the following strategies that nurture this environment:

  • Positive Relationships: student-student, student-teacher
  • Positive involvement of parents
  • Restorative Practices for conflict resolution
  • Bounce Back Program to encourage resilience
  • Values Education – Values For Life
  • Whole school approach to Social Emotional Learning
  • Buddy Program
  • Student Representative Council
  • Student  Action Teams

We see Social Justice and looking to the wellbeing of others as a crucial part of our students education. The children are involved in projects which give them the opportunity to help those who may not have had the opportunities that they themselves have had.

Ss Peter & Paul’s School has been involved in the National Values Project with a cluster of seven other Catholic schools in the eastern area of Melbourne. We are one of only five schools Australia-wide who were chosen to be involved in all three stages of the Australian Government backed project.

The focus of the project was the influence that the development of positive relationships has on teaching and learning. Three specific areas of interest within this framework are:

  1. Developing student resilience and positive whole school learning environments
  2. Improving learning through fostering student wellbeing and
  3. Improving learning engagement and general academic outcomes

Due to this involvement, Ss Peter & Paul’s is a leading school in Values Education.