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Our Learning 

Ss Peter & Paul's Catholic Primary School  Doncaster East

Ss Peter & Paul’s provides a balanced education where faith, culture and life are in dialogue and where learners are empowered to shape and enrich their world with meaning, purpose and hope derived from their encounter with life and the teachings of Jesus.

Learning at Ss Peter & Paul’s develops skills in critical thinking, creativity, communication and collaboration. We support students to see themselves as lifelong learners, to set personal goals and to celebrate their own achievements and the achievements of others.

Each learning area is underpinned by thorough planning and high quality teaching utilising innovative learning strategies. 

Students are able to measure their success by drawing on explicit learning intentions stated at the beginning of each lesson; and by using co-constructed success criteria developed by the teacher and class to measure and extend their learning. These powerful learning experiences enable students to take responsibility and transfer their learning to their daily lives.

Education in Faith

At Ss Peter & Paul’s we teach and celebrate our Catholic Tradition. We embrace children and families of all faiths and warmly welcome them in our community.  

Opportunities that are provided for members of our community to explore their faith:

  • Learning designed using the RE Framework 

  • Whole School Masses

  • Class Mass 

  • Morning and afternoon prayer

  • Sacramental Programs

  • Mini Vinnies

  • Liturgical events

  • Whole school celebration of our Feast Day on the 29th June

  • Weekend family Mass

Ed in Faith


At Ss Peter & Paul’s we believe that active and effective participation in our society depends on the ability to develop students' knowledge, understanding and skills in listening, reading, viewing, speaking, writing and creating. 


At Ss Peter & Paul’s we are committed to providing positive and purposeful literacy experiences through a balanced, challenging and engaging program. Our students are empowered to think critically, read widely and communicate confidently in order to be successful and independent life-long learners. Students develop effective communication skills and gain meaning and enjoyment whilst developing their language for life. Our extensive library and contemporary tools enhance student knowledge and engagement. 


Features of our Literacy program from Prep to Year Six:

  • a daily two-hour Literacy block for all learners

  • explicit attention to student needs through Teacher Focus groups

  • integration of digital resources such as iPads and chromebooks

  • small class sizes for literacy instruction

  • data driven instruction

  • Literacy Leader who collaborates with teachers in weekly planning sessions and facilitates Professional Learning Team Meetings to ensure our practice is rigorous and contemporary.



At Ss Peter & Paul’s, our aim is to foster a love of Mathematics in an engaging and supportive learning environment. We offer a rich mathematical program that is tailored to meet every student's specific needs. The Mathematics Curriculum is based on the Victorian Curriculum F-10 and is organised into three strands, Number & Algebra, Measurement & Geometry and Statistics & Probability. The proficiencies of understanding, fluency, problem solving and reasoning underpin our practice.


Mathematics is not just about building student knowledge of processes and procedures. Our aim is to build student understanding of key mathematical concepts, enabling them to transfer their learning from one context to another.


Features of our Mathematics program from Prep to Year Six:

  • a daily Mathematics block for all learners

  • Mathematic Leader 

  • Professional Learning Teams with access to Mathematics Consultants within Melbourne Archdiocese Catholic Schools

  • Extensive  Mathematical resources on hand for all students

  • Data driven instruction



At Ss Peter and Paul’s Integrated Inquiry based learning is taught on a two year cycle, covering the domains of science, geography, history, civics & citizenship, health and personal development, as outlined in the Victorian Curriculum.  Inquiry based learning begins with understanding what children know and challenges them to inquire more deeply to deepen their knowledge and understandings. Through an integrated inquiry approach, students develop their skills and capabilities in critical and creative thinking, personal and social wellbeing, ethical and intercultural understanding.


Digital Technologies

In Digital Technologies at Ss Peter & Paul’s, students are actively engaged in the processes of analysing problems and opportunities, designing, developing and evaluating digital solutions, and creating and sharing information that meets a range of current and future needs. Students learn to safely and ethically investigate information systems to create digital solutions. 


Ss Peter & Paul’s is well resourced with iPads, chromebooks and desktop computers across all year levels. We integrate the use of these into student learning on a daily basis.


All children learn about the need for safety when online and are required to return a user agreement acknowledging their consent to use technology responsibly and respectfully.


We are proud to offer all students at Ss Peter & Paul’s a STEM program that integrates curriculum content from the areas of Science, Technology (Design & Digital), Engineering and Mathematics.

Our STEM lessons aim to inspire curiosity and creativity whilst giving students opportunities to innovate and problem solve through the structure of the engineering design process.  From coding applications, to planting and constructing, students learn about a range of strategies and technologies to achieve outcomes, and most importantly, to make a difference in their world. 

Students from Prep – 6 participate in a weekly 45 minute session held in our specialised STEM room.


Italian Language

Learning to communicate in a second language develops transferable skills which support overall literacy learning.

(CECV Languages – Speak Up! 2017-2019 Strategy Plan)


At Ss Peter & Paul’s, our Italian program is designed to foster a love of learning languages. The children engage in many different learning experiences including; singing, role playing, listening to stories, games and reflecting on both the Italian language and the rich culture and history of the country.

Students from Prep – Year 6 participate in a weekly 45 minute session held in our specialised Library/Italian Room.


Performing Arts

At Ss Peter & Paul’s, our Performing Arts program gives students the opportunity to participate in singing, music making, dancing and acting. Our program develops confidence, self esteem, social awareness and expression.  


Students from Prep – 6 participate in a weekly 45 minute session held in our specialised Performing  Arts room.

Students are given the opportunity to perform at school assemblies and special liturgical events throughout the year. We have a biannual School Concert in which all students are involved.


Visual Arts

At Ss Peter & Paul’s, our Visual Arts program aims to discover and foster creativity in all our students. Lessons include the fields of art, craft and design. Our students are encouraged to make artworks that express their own ideas using a range of techniques, including drawing, painting, modelling, constructing and printmaking.  


Students from Prep – 6 participate in a weekly 45 minute session held in our fully equipped Visual Arts room.  

Student work is often displayed around the school and celebrated through our school assemblies, newsletters and portfolios. We have a biannual School Art Show in which all students are involved. 


Physical Education

The overarching goal of Physical Education (PE) at Ss Peter & Paul’s is to foster a positive relationship with movement in all  our students, where they are inspired to pursue healthy and active lifestyles. 

Each week, students participate in a 45 minute PE lesson. An additional session run by the Bluearth Foundation is also provided to all students. Bluearth aims to change the lives of young people through movement and mindfulness. 

Whilst success in activities and competition is beneficial, our PE program prioritises the overall growth of self-confidence, skill development and cooperation in movement. 

Across all year levels, students work independently to develop proficiency in their fundamental movement skills. 


Extra Curricular

  • Keyboard, guitar

  • Interschool sports

  • Tennis

  • Performing arts concert

  • Visual art show

Extra Curricular
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