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Our Community

Ss Peter & Paul's Catholic Primary School  Doncaster East

Working together with our parents, we aim to foster confident and enthusiastic learners and resilient and respectful young people who live out the Gospel values in their everyday lives. This close partnership with our families enables us to provide students with a strong sense of belonging and connectedness that is critical for students to thrive.


At Ss Peter and Paul’s, we understand that positive relationships are at the heart of good teaching. Teachers take time to get to know each child and develop a deep understanding of their unique gifts, talents, personalities and learning needs. This knowledge helps teachers plan differentiated learning programs that meet individual student needs and assist each child to reach their full potential.


Our students enjoy encouraging and challenging learning environments, where we celebrate strengths and promote a growth mindset. Our teaching staff are dedicated to creating a collaborative culture of learning where students learn to problem solve and think critically and creatively. We are committed to maintaining the highest standards in all curriculum areas whilst nurturing the wellbeing of each student.



Parish Vision

We are a Catholic Community who profess, celebrate and witness that Jesus lives, and to whom the Father sends His Spirit. We express that belief by living out and spreading the message of the Gospel. 


Family School Partnerships

One of the many things that sets Ss Peter and Paul apart is our strong sense of community. Parents are not only welcome at SsPP but are encouraged to be an active part of their children’s learning journey with us.  From your child’s very first day at school, you will be warmly welcomed as part of our school community and will find many and varied opportunities to be involved in the life of the school.


Through the many community events that occur each year, parents and children alike make friendships at Ss Peter and Paul’s that will last a lifetime. Whether it be through special school celebrations, working bees, fundraising events or social events, there are so many opportunities to get involved and become an integral part of our community.


Our aim is to have a school community that is connected and engaged and that participates and supports school and Parish life. We endeavour to have a shared vision between teachers, parents and students that is built upon mutual respect. We aim to maintain strong relationships between the school and home and believe in the importance of open communication.


School Advisory Council

Our School Advisory Council provides a crucial point of connection between the wider school community and school leaders. It informs, advises and supports the Principal and school leadership so the wellbeing and educational outcomes of our students is paramount. 


The Council consists of parents, the Principal and Deputy Principal and the Parish Priest as an ex-officio member. Parents are on the Council for three years.


Community Engagement in Learning

Our aim is to have a school community that is connected and engaged and that participates and supports school and Parish life. We endeavour to have a shared vision between teachers, parents and children that is built upon mutual respect. We aim to maintain strong relationships between the school, the parish and the local community 

The Community Engagement Group aims to provide unique educational experiences for students at Ss Peter & Paul’s by engaging community groups, utilising funding streams and building authentic family-school partnerships.  The group started in 2017 and has been incredibly successful in meeting its objectives.  

Be Involved

Our school recognises the important role that parents play in the education of their children. We believe that parents are the primary educators of their own children. At Ss Peter & Paul’s our aim is to create inclusive Family-School partnerships and welcome opportunities to further develop the relationships between our school and the parent community. Research shows that when parents and schools work together, student outcomes improve.  

There are many opportunities to become involved in the life of our school:

  • Community Engagement Group

  • School Advisory Council

  • Classroom helpers

  • Fun Food days

  • Parish Events

  • Excursions/Incursions

  • Play Group

Please contact the office for more information.

We welcome any opportunity to foster the wonderful partnership between our school and our parents, working together for the benefit of the children.


Hear from Our Community


"Ss Peter and Paul’s Primary School has provided both of my children with opportunities that I do not think they would have ever received in a larger school. Opportunities to represent the school and be part of sporting events, church events and other local community events.  They have been provided with leadership roles and many opportunities to grow and develop their confidence and self pride.

Sharon, Parent

"After visiting & attending many school tours, we knew once we entered Ss Peter & Paul’s School that we had found the school our children would attend. The school is like a second family, it has a beautiful community feel which is very inclusive. The teachers are also warm & caring who genuinely have your child’s best interest at heart."

Tom, Parent


"The teachers are amazing. The curriculum is second to none and each child is treated with care. My son loves this school especially the teachers and students."

Michelle, Parent

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